Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Something Unique...

Both my girls wanted to give their teacher's something for Christmas. So this is what I came up with - Christmas baubles made by my girls. Something unique and individual, and not store brought. Well, the chocolates that go with these baubles are from the store, because I couldn't be bothered making chocolates too!!!. This was messy enough without adding chocolate, lol!!! This blue one is for Malayla's teacher, Mr Lay.

This green and red one is for Keana's teacher, Mrs Peale. Making these was relatively easy. I cut up long thin strips of papers for the girls. They then curled those strips by rolling them up on a paintbrush. Then each curl was tightened, and pushed into the bauble. Once the bauble was full, we added some glitter. Silver to the blue bauble, and gold to the red/green bauble. I placed the tops back on the bauble, making sure they were tight and secure. Then the girls chose a rhinestone flower/flourish (Kaisercraft), which I then placed onto the front of the bauble. The end result were these gorgeous hand-made Chrsitmas baubles for the teachers. So every time they look at them, they will be reminded of their students. (-: Much better than another coffee mug or candle, don't you think? Mmm...I can see an annual tradition starting here, lol!!!!

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  1. wow Jules, what a great idea.... love it !!!x:)


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