Saturday, 27 October 2012

Time To Reveal...

It's here! It's here! It's here! 
My new blog is finished. :-)
I have to given the biggest thanks to Emma Stafrace who has made this a reality. You are amazing!!!
If anyone wants a new blog design, Emma might just be the person for you. 
Now, I'm off to create some new layouts and projects to share with you soon. 
Happy scrapping,
 and I hope you are having an awesome weekend. 


The Countdown Begins...

Are you ready? It's nearly time to reveal my new blog. :-) 
Not much longer to wait...
I wonder if you'll like it as much as I do?

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Dose Of Reality...

It's amazing what your mind thinks about when you should be asleep. Sometimes mine goes off on a scrapbook tangent, thinking about sketches and layout designs. But other times, I find myself wondering about humanity. And what the hell is wrong with it!!! I've bitten my tongue on sooooo many subjects, but I refuse to do so any more. This is MY BLOG, and yes, it is largely scrapbook related, but it is also a record for my memories, thoughts, and family life. So from now on, if I have thoughts on a topic that I would like to share, I will. If you don't like what I have to say, guess what? I am completely fine with that. You can either take it in your stride as an educated adult, or you can click on the "x" box and move on.

Unless we all learn to speak up and take a stand, the world WILL NOT CHANGE. This is a blog which allows me to have my voice. And I will have my voice, even if it is only a small audience. I am tired of the media, society and government, telling me (and the world) what is normal, how to think, and how to act. I have a mind of my own, and can think for myself. And no, I probably don't agree with much of society's mainstream thinking.

I don't believe that we are civilized at all. This is the 21st century, and we still behave like savages. Seriously, in what world is is normal to shoot a 14 year old girl because she spoke up for her rights to have an education. She is 14. She is a child. Yet men (yes, grown men who claim they are civilized) still shot her. Are you kidding me? That is about as sick as it gets. Actually, that's not true...

Here's another story from Las Vegas. I stumbled upon this on a friend's Facebook Profile. I was left speechless and nauseous. This is what I read:

"Local news, a pair of 11 year old boys pelted a cat with rocks while giving birth to kittens. All the kittens far, I've heard a fine of a few hundred dollars, they were arrested yesterday and I think their names will not be released. this was in Vegas..."  Vivian Sung Soon Keh.

Seriously? For me, this is just beyond comprehension. I cannot fathom what is wrong (in anyone's brain) to be able to do this to any creature. Is it a genetic thing? Is it related to a person's DNA? Are there pieces of their brain that are actually missing or faulty? And to think there are people is this world who think this is completely acceptable. I honestly don't think I want to live in this world any more, if this is what we find permissable. I don't want historians looking back on the 21st century in a few thousand years and saying "this was a society that tortured animals, raped women and children, and had no respect for any living thing". That is NOT the legacy I want to leave behind.

No, I don't have all the answers. But I sure as hell am not going to sit back any longer and be part of the reason this is allowed to happen. A passive by-stander who watches on, is just as guilty as those committing the crime.
Enough is enough.  
And yes, there will be more posts like this in the future. 
I'm going to do whatever it takes to start making a change.
Don't be too proud people - this is definitely NOT a civilized world that we live in.

Friday, 19 October 2012


I definitely don't do things by halves around here, lol! I have some big, big changes coming your way. So please be patient with me over the next few weeks as I implement them. Firstly, my blog is going to have a MAJOR overhaul (you might not even recognise it once it's completed!). Secondly, I will post a sketch (designed by me) and an inspiration challenge in my sidebar on the first of each month. Please feel free to play along. All I ask is that you give credit if you use my sketch designs. I will not be offering prizes (Australia post is putting up postage yet again and I just can't afford it), but I will happily showcase some of my favourite layouts on my blog (so you will get free publicity and exposure, lol!).

I am also doing an overhaul of my scrapping area. I've been searching Facebook and Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. Here are a few things that caught my attention (hubby, please note, you will be required to make something similar to these!!!). :-)
One of the ladies from the Aussie Scrappers Garage Sale (Facebook) makes these. 
I think this one is from Stamping Up. 
This is another one from Stamping Up. Very clever! 

And this? OMG!!!! I would give anything for something like this. Again, this is from one of the ladies on Aussie Scrapper's Garage Sale on Facebook. 

But I'm not finished with the changes yet. There's more to come. It looks like we might be moving house again over Christmas and New Year. We are staying in Adelaide (you will never get me to leave Adelaide), but we want to move somewhere a little more quiet and less busy. 

And finally, I will no longer be creating and selling Class Kits over at Scrapbook Kits. The demand for those kits is no longer there. I will continue to make Limited Edition kits and Pre-Made layouts, and I will sell those from my Etsy Store (which I want to concentrate on). So by the end of the year, the Scrapbook Kits store will no longer exist. :-( But it is definitely time to put it to rest. I will be clearing out old kits during November and December if you would like to come back for a bargain. :-)
Oh, and don't forget to check back in a few weeks for my new blog too - now that will be exciting!!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

PaperHaus DIY Flowers And Banners...

I am so excited to be able to share this with you. My first post for PaperHaus is now up on the PaperHaus blog. I'm always nervous when I do my "first" creation for any design team, so I am happy to have this one successfully completed. 

TITLED: 100% Original
I had fun playing with the new Hopscoth papers from Fancy Pants.
Love, love, love the colours in this range!!!

I made a couple of pretty banners to run across my page. 
So easy to create, and they look so cute.
(I'm just addicted to them a little bit, lol!)

And die cut hand-made flowers. So beautiful and easy to make. 
(Created using the Spellbinder's Rose Creations die - one of my best ever investments).
For more details, please visit the PaperHaus blog

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Just Randomness...

I find so many interesting things on Pinterest and Facebook. 
I've decided it's time to share some of these things that have caught my attention.
I'm in love with this kitchen...
I love the openness...

and the colour... just divine... maybe one day I'll get lucky?

And this? OMG! What can I say? I want birds just so I can have an aviary like this.

Turquoise, Aqua, Tiffany Blue. All my favourite colours in one room. Heaven I say!!!

I found this cat climber on Pinterest. I made my husband make me one (mine's quite a bit bigger though). 
He thought I was kidding when I told him what I wanted, but it now stands proudly in our lounge room.

Thinking I need to start implementing this routine into my life. 

This gate. AWESOME!!!!!

Pretty girls room. I'd love to do this for my girls.

Isn't this divine. Who wouldn't want to live in a palace like this?

I like J.K. Rowling. She's a smart woman.

Washi Tape. Sigh...want...but really don't need. :-)

Absolutely mesmerised by this wedding dress. So sexy and gorgeous.
Yes, lots of random things that I love.
What about you? Are you a Pinterest addict too? 

Monday, 8 October 2012

October Fun With Imaginarium Designs...

Today it's my turn to share some wonderful Imaginarium Designs inspiration over on the ID blog. I'll keep this post short, as all the details can be viewed on the ID blog, including techniques, details, and products used. Just click here to view the full post. 

A fun layout about my youngest daughter's aversion to accepting kisses from her older sister.

How to use washi tape to decorate your chipboard.

Creating a whimsical feel with chipboard, and having fun with colours.

And I'll leave you with a close-up of the details and layers on this layout. 
Hope you are having a wonderful start to the week.
Happy scrapping!
Julianne. xx

And don't forget, if you pop on over to the Imaginarium Designs blog, be sure to leave a comment to WIN some Imaginarium Designs chipboard goodies! 
Believe me, you can NEVER have too much chipboard. :-)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

October SWAT Challenge...

It's new sketch and challenge time over at Sketches With A Twist. :-)

The October Sketch (designed by me) is ready to go, 
and the twist is to use "STARS" on your layout, one way or another. 

This is my take on the sketch. Titled: Star Bright Star Light.
I've journalled around the edges about my wish for a wonderful daughter. 
Products Used: MLS papers; Imaginarium Designs chipboard alphas; and Zva Creative flourish. 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

PaperHaus October Sketch...

The PaperHaus October Sketch is up, and it's a great sketch for adding your own personal interpretation. 

PaperHaus October Sketch designed by Linda Brun.

Here's my take on the sketch. Lots of colours. Lots of fun!
Titled: 2 Cute.
Products Used: Papers, transparencies and stickers by Simple Stories; Prima flowers; washi tape; Liquid Pearls; Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots; and kindy glitz.
If you pop on over to PaperHaus you'll find lots more inspiration from other members of the team 
(yes, there's something for everyone, including our digi-fans!)

Monday, 1 October 2012

Not So Normal Kitty...

The October Inspiration Challenge is up over at Scrapbook Kits
 (you can find the link and the inspiration picture in my side bar).

I couldn't resist these colours. They are not my usual colours and presented such a fun challenge for me. 
I kept the layout simple because of all the colour, and because I was running out of time, lol! 
Title: My Little Psycho Kitty.
Yes, the layout is about one of my furry babies, and not my daughters. :-)
I'd love to see your take on this colour challenge. Just click on the link and join in the fun!
Happy Scrapping everyone!!!