Monday, 8 November 2010

One Of THOSE Days!!!

I'm having one of THOSE days! It started with a car that wouldn't start this morning. Flat battery thanks to my darling girls who flicked a light switch in the car yesterday, and drained the battery. NOT HAPPY! So emergency phone call to a girl friend to pick up my two on the way to school. Thank-goddness she lives just down the road. But it gets better - oh, yes it does! My dad came over and recharged my battery for me. No sooner than he left, there is a knock on my door. My neighbour was mowing the lawn, and a rock flew up and smashed the front passenger window of my car. Seriously??? Are you kidding me!!! Aaarggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!! $418 later to get it fixed. Now, on top of all this, you add in the fact that I have just been diagnosed with Hypertension, and a possible kidney infection, and I'm about to turn 40 in less than a week, you can see that this is not a good week for me. So, if you don't hear from me for the week, that is because I am in bed, with the sheets pulled up over my head, in denial. And yes, I plan on staying there for a whole week. (-: I am not turning 40...I shall remain 39 forever!!!!


  1. Oh I hate those days :(
    I am with you on staying 39 forever. I am only a few months off 40 and I think Im having a midlife crisis... Im sure it was only yesterday I was in my 20s!
    I cant believe it costs that much for a car window - wow!
    Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  2. OMG!!!! What a day!!!
    But turning 40 is a good thing!!!
    Kidney infections are easily fixed with antibiotics, hypertension is easy fixed with drugs, your can is easily fixed with money!! Get out of bed woman its all good!!!!
    Hope tomorrow is a bit brighter for you!!! Cobo and Bobo send their love!! Mwah!

  3. hahaha you are so hilarious Jules !!
    oh myyy what a week for you !!
    (talking about car window....mine also is chipped... waiting to the latessssst day possible...just in case it happens again with my luck :(
    Nonetheless... 40 is beaudiful ! so come on ! get out of there and be positive and love life :)


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