Saturday, 6 November 2010

Glorious Afternoons and Vanishing Acts...

Yesterday, I found this beauty in my backyard. I was washing dishes inside, when I saw a flash of colour through my window. I grabbed my camera, bolted outside, and managed to score a couple of nice photos before it flew away.

My girls and I had a glorious afternoon today. I took them down to the local park at the village to play. There is a shallow creek that runs alongside the park. And guess what? It was filled with tadpoles. So I got to spend my afternoon watching my girls hunt up and down this creek, catching tadpoles, having the best time of their lives. It just made me so insanely happy to see them enjoying nature. They were purely happy and content. And they have asked me if I will take them back again tomorrow. (-: Yes, I think that is a good plan! And this time mummy will take her camera - an even better plan, lol!!!

And I've had a list of web sites vanish from my blog page. In the side bar to the left, below my blog list, I had another list of places that I liked to visit, not all of them scrapping related. But now it's gone and I don't have a clue what happened. I am presuming, but only presuming mind you, that I must have clicked a wrong button one night when I was tired. But I have no memory of this happening. Maybe I'm going senile? So now I get to start a new list. (-: Suggestions anyone??? LOL!


  1. Wow I love the blog header, what a stunning layout, omg to the missing info on the blog (lots of girls say this happens) so it may not be you going senile?????lol and wow what a great idea, tadpole hunting.....Nate would just love this....whilst your out, perhaps a snickers or mars bar would be nice too......sorry to tease but I have even eaten all the candy canes off the exactly how you feel. Melxx

  2. Jules if my memory serves me right I think Tanya Tahir had the same problem losing lists on her blogger blog too just recently...not sure if she found out why/how to fix???


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