Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

We went to our first ever Halloween Party this evening. It was a kiddies party, but we all had a fantastic time. My DD's were beyond thrilled to actually be able to go trick or treating. So cute!!! I've taken some photos of the decorations and outfits. These are just a few of my favourites. I haven't even had a chance to edit them yet, so please bear with me - the colouring and lighting isn't great. Don't you just love this gorgeous witch decoration?

Yes, we even had a carved pumpkin. This was done with all the children watching - they were absolutely fascinated.

Here's my spider-girl (looks more like a vampire to me but I wasn't game to tell her that!) (-:

My little orange witch (minus her hat which kept breaking and falling off). But she didn't care - there were too many lollies that needed eating - who cares about a witches hat!!!

Trouble and more trouble - but I love them anyway!!! (-: Yep, we'll be doing this again next year, for sure!!!

No smiles today!

Antoher layout to add to my collection. This one is titled: No Smiles Today. Decided to combine lots of glimmermist, and scrap pieces of paper. I'm happy with the combination. (-:

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Too much of a good thing?

I'm not sure who I feel sorry for the most - Pandora (the cat) who is constantly being loved by Keana, even when she doesn't want to be loved and showered with affection, or Keana, who loves Pandora SO MUCH, but the feeling isn't quite mutual (yet???). Pandora "tolerates" this love and affection, but only barely. I'm hoping that as she gets older this will change (please! please! please!). (-:
Now, how content does my daughter look? Very smug indeed! Perseverance will hopefully win out in the end. (-:

Monday, 26 October 2009

Scraps, scraps, scraps and more scraps...

I'm one of those scrappers that cannot bear to throw out scraps of paper, especially pretty paper, or paper with stuff on it, that I can cut out - such as flowers and butterflies. As a result, I have a huge 12" x 12" box filled with scraps. I seriously need to go through it and sort it out, or at least make an attempt to use them. And in an effort to do exactly that, I have created this layout, for the weScrap Pink Crop, using nothing but scraps. Yep, the whole lot - the lace paper, the strips of paper, the tag, the arrow, the flowers, the butterfly - all scraps from my scrap box. This was created for the "The Little Things" challenge.
Here's another layout created for the weScrap Pink Crop. This one was created for the "weScrap Gives Back Challenge". I had to use a quote from the Quote Garden, and some "PINK" on my layout. I have used some scraps on this, just not as much as the first layout. (-:

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Food, glorious food....

Here's my finished layout for the October Got Mojo? challenge - this time around we had to use a quote from Charlotte's Web. Can I say that scrapping with a household full of children is really, really not fun. My girlfriend Tammy has two little girls that I am looking after, as her father has just been admitted to hospital and had emergency surgery, and things are not looking too good. Anyway, little kids and hospitals don't mix, so I have them with me. But my scrapping is definitely suffering in the process *sigh*. Maybe I should use this time to have a break from scrapping and revitalise myself? (ha! ha! ha!)

It's done!!!

Yay! I've managed to finish a layout for the October "What's Ad About?" challenge. The advertisement this month was from Anthropologie. I'm very happy with the end result - mainly because I would NEVER had thought I could do a girly layout with olive green and dark blue. Now, on to the next one...

OMG!!! This is amazing....

I just had to share this with everyone. Isn't this layout absolutely amazing!!! I mean, how beautiful is this page??? This is the amazing and breath-taking work of Ingvild Bolme. I just found it posted on her blog, and just had to spread the word. For this reason, she is considered one of the world's most talented artists. Yes, she is my inspiration, and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her work. *sigh*. If only I could spend a month with her to learn how to scrap like her (that would make me happy indeed!!!). For more details about the layout, go here.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Think Pink Cyber Crop!

There's a Think Pink Crop currently underway at weScrap, with some amazing challenges and games. Please come and join us in the forum for some fun and laughs, and to support a good cause. Did I mention there are some great prizes up for grabs? Here's the layout example for my challenge - In The Pink grid challenge. I decided to play with the Webster pages for a change. (-:
This layout was created using Gail's monthly sketch from Blossie's. Let's just say trying to scrap photos in these colours was definitely a challenge!!! I decided the simple approach was the best option in this case. (-: Stay tuned, I'll have more to share with you tomorrow...

Thursday, 22 October 2009

My first challenge...

I have decided to enter the ArtyPants "Scrap Your Pants OFF!" competition. This is a sneak peek of my layout for the first challenge. There is one challenge per week for 6 weeks. To view the layout in full go here! If you would like to vote for your favourite layout each week, please feel free to join us at ArtyPants. The only condition is that you need to be a ArtyPants Forum Member, but registering is quick and easy. Voting commences on Monday and closes on Wednesday. Hope you can come and join us for a little fun and inspiration. (-:

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Perfectly not lost!!!

Monday just gone was a student free day, so DH and I decided to take the girls to Dreamworld. But we had to take a detour off the highway and through the back roads due to traffic delays (I think we lost nearly an hour waiting on the highway). However, my girls are not used to the back streets and were concerned that we might get lost and not make it to Dreamworld. So, when we finally made it back on to the highway, at a point much further down the road, Keana was greatly relieved and proclaimed "We are perfectly NOT lost!!!". Why do I get the feeling my daughter has been watching too much "Charlie and Lola???"
Like most children, my two get bored in the car. So I came prepared with Chuppa Chups and a camera. As you can see, they were both happy to be themselves for the camera. My two shy??? No, NEVER!!! Bloody drama queens, camera hogs, and plain crazy children. *sigh* Life is so not boring with these two. (-:

A nice family photo? I don't think so...not today mum!!! Not a chance. Aaarrggghhhhh!!!

Food? Did mum say food? Where? Give us some food - we're starving!!! Little miss hollow legs is forever eating, and if it happens to be lollies, chips or ice-creams, that's even better by her standards. Because it was so hot I gave in and let them have a snow-cone. At least it kept them quiet for a while. (-:

The best thing about going to Dreamworld? They both fell asleep in the car on the way home and didn't even wake up when we got home and transferred them to their beds. Oh what a beautiful, quiet night we had!!! Peaceful indeed...(-:

Prima Product Pick...

Prima's monthly product pick features all the beautiful colours of Spring and Summer (or Autumn if you live in the northern hemisphere) - just absolutely gorgeous! To be in with a chance of winning - go here! This is open to international scrappers, too!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Sleeping beauty...

On Saturday night, we came home to find this - Pandora, sound asleep on the girls table. How comfy does she look?
Perfect size right? And ever so cozy? Until she stretched and rolled over and promptly fell off. The dazed look on her face as this happened was priceless. I wish I had of been able to capture it on camera, but it was over and done with, within a blink of the eye. (-: Yes, I was a good cat owner and picked her back up and put her back to sleep.

Sunday, 18 October 2009


See, I have been busy. But I just can't share the details with you yet.

What I can say, is that all these layouts have been created for Blossies.

And they will all be revealed on the 1st day of November.

So until then, patience please...

Saturday, 17 October 2009

A pocket full of roses...

More like boxes full of roses!!! I've spent the last couple of days sorting through all my papers (I've given a pile nearly 2 inches deep to my daughters for their stash), and sorted through all my Prima and Sassafrass stuff. The result is that I have realised just how much Prima stuff I have - seriously, I am talking thousands of dollars worth. And two boxes full of flowers and roses. SO - it's time to put all that beautiful stuff to work. Here is my first layout, titled "Our Living Doll". This layout is for the Prima October Bulid-A-Page (BAP) competition. The only thing on this layout that is not Prima, is the tulle that I have used down the right hand side, and the rhinestones on the circle. Everything else is Prima - roses, flowers, vines, papers, alphas and bling flourishes.
And here's another layout I am working on, using nothing but Prima. This is a teaser because I can't reveal the full layout until next month - you will just have to wait till then. (-: But I can promise you, there will be lots more layouts using all these Prima goodies (I have to use some up to make room for the next release of goodies). My storage boxes are full. And I am getting desperate...

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sometimes I wonder!!!

Do you ever have one of those weeks. You know, those weeks when you wonder whether it's all worth it, and could it get any worse? Yep, you guessed it - that is exactly where I've been at this past week. Don't believe me? Oh, just wait till I tell you this tale...

It all started with a workout session with my personal trainer (Justin) last Tuesday (not the one just gone). He decided we needed to do some boxing. I used to LOVE boxing, until I injured my wrist about 18 months ago - and it took about 12-16 weeks to recover, and it hurt like hell. So now, I'm a little hesitant. But Justin doesn't take no for an answer. So we got stuck into the boxing - and lo-and-behold, about 20 minutes into it, a sharp pain shot through my wrist. So boxing gloves off, and ice on. Finished off the session doing leg weights instead.

By the evening, my wrist wasn't too bad, and I went to bed thinking the worst was over. How wrong can a girl be? I woke up in the morning with sharp pains shooting through my right ribs. But I will point out, surprisingly, my wrist was fine. So I made an appointment to see the physiotherapist the following day. And took lots of pain killers in the meantime, while cursing Justin everytime my ribs hurt. Yes, he knows I curse him constantly for the pain - it's one of the joys of being a personal trainer - lots of people curse you!!!

It gets worse. Come the day of my appointment. About 30 minutes before I had to leave for my appointment, I wandered outside to find our cat (a Maine Coon who cannot be left outside), so I could lock her in the house. She was just outside, near the garden, sitting there on flat ground. I must point out - the ground was 100% flat, because what happened next is unexplainable. Yep, I tripped. I lost my balance. And I went down, full weight, on my left knee. I couldn't even get my hands out in time to stop the full impact. The pain made me gasp for breath. Once I got that back, I started howling (and cursing). Not because of the pain (which was excrutiating at this point), but because of the frustration. Seriously, how could anyone be dumb enough to injure themselves further, just 30 minutes before going to see a physiotherapist? Really? So I grabbed the cat (who I am sure was smirking), shoved her inside and put ice on my knee before going to my appointment.

Now, when I explained all this to my physiotherapist, I am sure he didn't believe me at first, and then once he realised I was dead serious, I am sure it took all his self control not to crack up. How insanely daft did I feel? Anyway, after some electro-therapy stuff, and taping my ribs up (they had a small tear from the boxing that had gotten worse overnight), he sent me home. the verdict - no gym, no boxing, no karate - until today. I started training again today (very hesitantly, I might add). And at this present point in time, I am injury free. But tomorrow is another day... (-:

Featured again!

My September Prima Build-A-Page layout has been featured on the Prima blog again! Two months in a row - that's a good thing! And my partner in crime, Jodi Dolbel is right up there too!
I'm really enjoying playing with all my Prima stuff - the sketches are such a brilliant way to utilise my products (of which I have WAY TOO MUCH!!!) Shhhhh!!! Don't tell my hubby! (-:

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Fall Festival October Kit Reveal...

I can finally reveal what I have been working on for the WeScrap October Kit (Fall Festival). As a guest DT member, I had great pleasure in creating these layouts (and card) from the kit. My first layout is titled: Dora (and is about Keana meeting Dora at White Water World).

My second layout is titled: She's a Cutie. I have remained relatively true to the kit, only adding one extra packet of pearls, some kindy glitz/stickles, and some Maya Memories Mist (or you could use purple glimmermist too).

The third layout is titled: Trouble. This layout is about my fears of how much "Trouble" we are going to be in when Keana becomes a teenager. (-: Too scary to even think about!

My final layout is titled: Simply Sweet (because most of the time, that is what she is). I said most - not ALL of the time.

And a nice simple thank-you card to finish it all off.

Monday, 12 October 2009

What's Ad About? - Results

Woohoo!!! I've been fortunate enough to win first place for this layout for the What's Ad About? September challenge. It was a great challenge using the Tetley Green Tea advertisement as inspiration. I am ever so happy - thanks to Wicked Princesses for the lovely prizes. (-:

Sunday, 11 October 2009

A Little Sneaky Peeky...

Here's a little sneaky peeky of what I've been working on with the October Kit from WeScrap! A little bit of this...
A little bit of that...

And a whole lot of this...will be uploading full layouts on the 12th October (USA time).

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Fall Festival kit fun!

As a guest DT member for WeScrap!, I get to play with the Fall Festival October Kit. And this is what it looks like. The colours are just amazing - so bright and funky. And there's glittered Doodlebug alpha stickers - so I am very happy! (-: Let's just say, I'm having a lot of fun at the moment playing with this kit - that is why I have been so quiet. I have to get my layouts finished in time for the full DT reveal on the 12th October. But I will be putting up sneak peeks very soon, just to whet the appetite (so to speak - LOL!)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Smooch Me!!! and other updates...

I have been busy scrapping like a mad-woman, but I can't share any of these layouts with you until the end of the month. I'm actually attempting to get myself organised this month so I am not rushing to get things done at the end of the month. Don't forget I am Guest Designer over at WeScrap this month, so I will be uploading lots of layouts (and questions for the forum), throughout the month. Please feel free to come and join us - the more the merrier!!! Since I can't share my layouts with you, I thought I would share some photos of my other baby (Othello) smooching with Grandma. He is the biggest smooch and sook EVER!!! He even drools because he is so happy and content. He loves a belly rub. And in case you are wondering - he is a Manx, that is why there is no tail in any of the pictures.
Smooch, smooch me, do! You know I love you!!! (Sung to the Beatles tune in my head). (-: If you are wondering why my photos are blurry, it's because I had just been to the gym for my PT session, and my arms and legs were still shaking. Funny that, it's nearly 12 hours later and my legs are still shaking and useless. LOL!!!

Man, this is the life!!! In my next life, I'm coming back as a cat and living with Grandma!!! (-: Seriously, this cat is so spoilt. But all good things must come to an end, because Grandma leaves to go back home tomorrow. No more cat pats for Othello, or games of Snakes and Ladders for my girls. Did I mention that Grandma also plays Nintendo DS and has worked out several of the games so that she could show the girls how to play it. Yep, they're spoilt too!!!

Friday, 2 October 2009

OLW Layout...

Here's my layout for One Litlle Word (OLW). This is challenge #61, with the word up being "OPEN". It's not often I get to do a girly layout without pink or red on it, so I enjoyed this immensely. And definitely loving all my Prima. (-: Their stuff just finishes off a page so well.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Layouts for Blossies...

The theme for our layouts at Blossies this month is "No Photos". Yep, definitely a challenge for me. But I persevered and managed to come up with these 3 layouts. They are not masterpieces, but I think they will pass. (-: The first is titled "Home Body". I've used Webster's pages for my design.
The second layout is titled "What If", and is about what path my life may have taken if I had made different choices.

The third layout is titled "Your Hands Are On My Heart" and is about how my daughters have touched my life, and changed me (hopefully for the better!). (-: