Sunday, 7 November 2010

Plan Put Into Action...

I put my plan into action today. (-: I took my girls back to the park and creek, for more tadpole hunting. But this time, I took food, drink, a rug, a pillow, a book to read, and my camera. And some containers for the girls to store their tadpoles in. Three hours later, we all left happy!!!

I got lots of photos, so I have heaps of new scrapping material. In fact, Malayla was so intent on catching her tadpoles she actually ignored me and the camera. Well, I guess there's a first time for everything, lol!

How many tadpoles is too many? Not to mention the tadpole eggs that they gathered as well. Some of the tadpoles already had there legs and were nearly fully formed frogs. So interesting to look and watch. But I did make the girls put them all back at the end of the day so that there will be more tadpoles in the future. (-:

This feathered friend (and his/her mate) came to check us out. They wanted bread of course! Luckily, I had a vegemite and cheese roll that I didn't mind sharing. Did you know that ducks like vegemite? No, I didn't either, until they ate my whole roll today!!!

And this little Aussie darling came for a visit this morning. I only managed to score two photos before he flew away. But this is probably 10 metres from our back door. I am SO GLAD our cat Pandora wasn't around when he arrived - she would have gone into a hunting frenzy. She's a Maine Coon and is a natural born hunter. Thank-goodness, it's mostly grasshoppers and skinks.


  1. I love kookaburras! They are beautiful aren't they!

  2. c'è un post che parla di te....
    kiss rosa.kreattiva


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