Thursday, 21 October 2010

Lesson #457

Don't ever, ever, ever let your children play with your digital camera to amuse themselves. Because 30 minutes and 251 photos later (which equates to one photo every 7.2 seconds), you end up with photos like this! Rexona Men? Really??? What were they thinking?
Words. Lots and lots of magnetic words. On the side of the fridge. How exciting! NOT!!!

Don't ask - I don't know!!!

Up close and personal???

Gum boots in the garage. And the point is??? from a child's point of view. (-:

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  1. Oh wow, through the eyes of a child, this is a great idea actually, love these out of the box photos, what did you expect with scrapping and photography genes in your dear gorgeous daughters raging to get out. lol Melxx


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