Saturday, 9 October 2010

4 Goals...

I've just received a text from my hubby saying "update my blog!!". I guess he must be bored!!! (-: And since I don't have any layouts or photos to share (I lost my mojo for a few days plus I've been busy doing 3 months worth of paperwork - blah!), I am going to post this little exercise that I found on Sasha's blog. It originated with Candice McLean. The aim of the exercise is to post about 4 things I could complete before 31 December 2010. And I don't want them to be scrapping related. So here goes (and hubby, because you made me do this - you get to help with the goals, lol!!!)

1. Make a start on repainting the house. Yep, every room needs to be done. Funny, I like to play with paint on my layouts, but I'm not so keen on this type of painting. Yes hubby, this is the one you are helping with!!! (-:

2. Make a start on re-organising all my digital photos (all 10,000+ of them). This is going to be a long project, but I need to start. I figure if I can do at least a few each night I will get there eventually.

3. Finish sorting out and putting away all our filing. Blah! More paperwork. But I am so far behind it is not funny. This has got to be done. Mmm...I think hubby can do the paper shredding of any unwanted paperwork.

4. Rejoin Fernwood gym and get back into my gym routine - pronto! This is something I should be able to start this week coming. I really need my butt kicked into gear on this one.

So, do you have any goals you can start (or even complete) before the 31.12.10? If you do, link me up - I'd love to see what you have planned. (-: Maybe we can all compere notes again on New Year's Eve? Or maybe a couple of days later after the head-aches have subsided, lol!!!

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