Sunday, 19 July 2009


My girls signed up for the 8 week Auskick training this year, and today was the Gala Day celebrations. So Bernie the Lion (Brisbane Lions mascot) and some of the junior Lions in training, came along to keep the kids amused. Bernie found it just a little bit harder than expected to do push-ups with a junior sitting on top of him. But the kids found it hysterical.
Here's Malayla practising her tackles. They did hand-balls, catches, kicks, and zig-zag running as well. But she just LOVED the tackling, and was full of enthusiasm. The aim of this tackle, was to get the bag to the ground, and catch the ball that was balanced on top. She gave it her all!!!
Here's Keana doing the same thing. Except she didn't let go as the bag went down. She decided it was more fun to go down with the bag and straddle it. (-: Not bad for a little girl who didn't want to do this in the first place. And she kicked a point too! They had a mini game, and while she missed the goal, she was just as happy with the point. I was so proud of her!!! (-:
And here's some of the junior's doing push-ups. They had to do 50 of them, and the one closest in the photo was starting to struggle a little. But they did manage to complete them (I think it was done as a dare by one of the kids). So now I have two tired little girls who are sleeping so soundly tonight...sweet dreams...

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