Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Let them dress themselves?

It's amazing how different two sisters can be. Today was free dress day at the school and both girls were SO EXCITED!!!!! But the question for me was, do I let them choose and dress themselves? Amd I game? You see, sometimes my daughters can come up with the most unbelieveable dress creations, and I didn't know if today was going to be one of those days. But I bit my tongue and I allowed them to choose their own outfits. And I am glad to say, I think they chose well. But this is where the difference between the two is so obvious. Keana likes to wear skirts and be pretty. Malayla likes to wear jeans that have embroidery or sparkles on them. Never mind, I'm sure that will change once they are teenagers (sigh!)

My gym training is slowly coming along. I've finally got my self back into the routine of going to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. Sometimes I do classes, sometimes I do personal training sessions, and sometimes I just walk or run on the treadmill or other gym equipment. But as long as I am there doing something, then that is a good thing. I've made progress with my leg press which I am so very, very happy about. When I first started on it (about 18 months ago?) , I think I was on 50 or 60kgs. Yesterday, I hit 130kgs. As I said, very, very excited. My goal is 220kgs, so I have less than 100kgs to go. (-: And next week I will probably start working towards running again. And that makes me happy. (-:

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