Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Prep, Crafty Sketches and Layouts for Blossie's...

On the last day of school, the Prep classes celebrated 100 DAYS of Prep. It's hard to believe that my baby has actually been at school for 100 days. She is so happy and comfortable at school, and has made some wondeful friends. Anyway, the children got to play games, sing songs, have cake, and release balloons into the sky as part of the celebrations. So here's Keana moments before they let the balloons go. The children just had the best day. (-:
Here's my layout for Crafty Sketches. I've had more fun playing with my Prima stuff (I just LOVE Prima). Their stuff is so beautiful, and feminine, and delicate, and just layers together so well.
This month's theme for Blossie's is to showcase our favourite manufacturer/brand. So I had to go with the obvious - Heidi Swapp. (I couldn't do Prima as there is nothing in stock at the moment). (-: This is my first layout - "Camouflage?" It's about Othello trying to hide from the girls by pretending to be a stuffed toy (LOL!!!)
My second layout is "Angel", and of course it is about my baby (she's still my baby even if she is taller then her older sister). (-:
And my third layout is "They Are My Crazy Girls". I had fun using the Heidi Swapp masks with this layout. It was good to have a thorough play with all of Heid's stuff. It makes you realise just how much stuff she has and how versatile it is. These layouts were a lot of fun.

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