Saturday, 4 July 2009

Happy Birthday Malayla...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Malayla, happy birthday to you!!! Here's the birthday girl - 7 years old today. Time has just gone so quick - I now have a little girl on my hands.
At 9:00pm last night I was still debating on whether to make Malayla a cake like she wanted, or to cheat and buy one from Michel's this morning. By 9:30pm last night I was baking. At 11:00pm last night Tony and I were colouring and shaping presents from fondant icing. Then I iced it and decorated it this morning. I'm glad I went to all the effort because she just LOVED her cake. And that made me very happy. (-:
Here's the birthday party and all the children in attendance. They played so many games, at so much food, and just had the best time ever. Many thanks to The Full Moon Hotel for hosting such a brilliant party.
And mummy just had to get in on the act. As mother of the birthday girl, I decided I was entitled to having my face painted, too. Don't you just love the design? All the painting was done by Wowee Creations. Beautiful work indeed.
So that is one birthday down, and one to go (in September - Keana). I asked her on the way home what she wanted for her birthday theme. Her answer was "Twilight!" She is SO MY GIRL!!! (-: Yay! A Twilight party!!! Her daddy was not as enthusiastic or impressed as I was. Funny that. I wonder if I can pull it off? Oh well, I have two months to try...

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  1. Jules you have way too much talent squeezed into that body of yours!!!!
    That cake is adorable!!! WOW!!! It looks like a professionally made one!!!
    And the party looks awesome!!
    So did those Wowee peole come there to do the face painting???
    Happy Birthday Malayla


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