Friday, 17 July 2009

Little ballerina's misbehaving...

My two girls both take Jazz and Ballet lessons. And recently they undertook their Level 1 Jazz exam. However, teaching them how to behave during exams was not as easy as it sounds. (-: While waiting for their respective turns in front of the examiner, the girls are supposed to sit silently, not looking at each other. As this photo shows, that stipulation is open to interpretation (hee! hee! hee!). The one with her legs in the air - that's my girl - Malayla (roll the eyes!) The one with her head on her knees, that's my other girl - Keana (sigh!). We'll find out in about 5 weeks if they managed to pass. (-:
Here's an "Up Close and Personal" shot of Malayla. This is her "I want something smooch". I just can't remember what it was on this occasion. She so has her daddy's eyes. (-:
Just before the end of term, Keana's Prep class had a Teddy Bears picnic morning at the school. So teddy and mummy both got dragged to school for lots of teddy bear activities. There was drawing, mask making, and biscuit making, finished off with a picnic on the lawn. And a wonderful time was had by all!!! (-: No teddy bears were lost, and they all returned home safely (thank goodness).

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