Monday, 27 July 2009

Forever Pink!

I LOVE this woman! I went to the PINK concert last night, and just fell in love all over again. (-: She is one of the most amazing performers that I have ever seen. This year's concert was a lot different from last year's. Last year was much more about getting up and "dancing in the aisles" (plus I had standing tickets). This year was much more about the theatrics and performance, and I had seated gold tickets. I have decided that the standing tickets are the way to go. Plus a new camera wouldn't be a bad option either. I'm so OVER my camera - it's time to upgrade to something that can take the quality of photos that I am after (thank-goodness I have a birthday coming up soon). Hee! Hee! Hee!
So I apologise for the quality of the photos. It's not me, it's the camera!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Here's some of the better photos. And when she comes back for her next performance, I'm taking both my daughters with me (they adore PINK almost as much as me). (-:
She is hot! She has the most amzing body - it's to die for!!! And she is cheeky, bubbly and full of energy. And she can move, beautifully.....

Look at this body! WOW! And that doesn't even begin to describe it. I'd love to know how many hours she puts in training. Better still, can I just have her trainer please!

So worth every cent. And yes, I'll be there for the next one (hopefully sooner rather than later). I will be a PINK fan forever...

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  1. Words cant describe it hey!!! Mind blowing!!! She says herself she loves touring because she in thin..... So obviously the body comes after hours and hours of performing!! I mean if any of us where putting in those kinda hours, i think we all would look pretty damn good!!!
    But she is so entertaining hey!! I went and bought all the DVDs from past concerts and i just sit and watch her in amaisement!! I love this woman!


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