Friday, 10 July 2009

Hello Princess...

Yesterday I decided to surprise my two girls with tickets to the Disney Princess Wishes on Ice. My poor ears (I think I am still deaf)- they were SO EXCITED!!! Lots of squealing. (-: Anyway, of course I got conned into buying them some merchandise. But I stood firm - only one thing each. So Keana got an Ariel necklace and Malayla got an Ariel figurine. I think they came to about $44. I watched a lot of parents spending a fortune on their daughters at ridiculous prices. I think Walt Disney would be mortified if he was alive to see how much these parents and children were expected to pay. Very sad indeed.
Here's Ariel and her prince in action. These aren't gret photos, but you get the idea. (-:
And all the pretty ladies at the palace ball with Cinderella and her Prince Charming. It was a great show for the children, really amazing. Beautiful stories and ice skating too. But I am glad it only comes around once a year. (-: Will we go next year? It depends. We'll wait and see what next year's theme is first.


  1. Heyy Jules !!
    you are sooo right here !! it is sooo expensive :( I took my children as well some years ago and... after the ticket prices, after the drinks/snacks, after only 1 toy each... it was like... a day that cost $200 :(
    it was fun but ...wowww lucky we don't do this all the time huh ??
    cool photos there... i think they are good enough to scrap:)

    Have a great w-end :)

    Brigitte G.

  2. what lucky little girls!! they look pretty happy with their pressies, i'm sure they had a fab time!


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