Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Published, birthday moments, and a day-out.

Yay! Guess what! Thanks to the wonderful Scrapbook Creations, I have been published again. I really should spend more time submitting to magazines, but I have just been lazy. Maybe that can be my goal for next year? (-: Anyway, I am on page 35 of No. 68 (Vol 8 No 5). I created this layout "So Happy" a while ago (last year I think) using Kelly Panacci papers.
We did a day trip as a family. Something that we don't do often enough. I wanted to go and see my grandfather on the Gold Coast last Sunday, but decided to make a detour on the way via Mt Tamborine. After much complaining from my daughters, we actually got to stroll along and look at all the shops (with the bribery of mummy promising to buy them something on the way). (-: They ended up with some bright red sequined fairy shoes. And I ended up finding a lot of pretty stuff that I will probably go back for. It's very hard to shop with my husband and little girls in tow. But back to this photo. Malayla spotted this post (in front of the Cuckoo Clock House) which had been painted to look like an old man, and asked me to take her photo for her. So I obliged and did just that. (-: My poor baby Keana. She was SO TIRED this day and didn't want to walk as she had fallen asleep in the car. Which meant Tony had to carry her. He will not be able to do this much longer because she is probably nearly two thirds his height already, at just 5 years old. And I have no idea what she weighs. Probably between 25 and 30 kilograms. She was adamant that she was NOT going to wake up and enjoy herself. Too funny!!!
For her birthday, Malayla asked for a Hannah Montana wig. And since this is the only thing she requested, I obliged and got one for her. So here are the photos of both my daughters with long blonde hair. Definitely not what I expected! (-: I think it suits Malayla!

With Keana, I am not so sure. I think it might take a little bit of getting used to. (-: Oh well, at least they had fun and it keeps them amused.


  1. Hi Jules, I love checking out your blog for all your gorgeous layouts, and I have something for you on my blog. Cheers, Sam.

  2. Your girls are soooooo gorgeous Jules !!
    and...i know that feeling of being published !!
    and yes.... myself i have been soooo slack...haven't had a chance to submit anything at all since... last year :(

    well done on your publication :)
    Brigitte G.


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