Saturday, 18 July 2009

It's all about comfort...

My girls and I LOVE lazy, stay-at-home days. Especially if I allow them to play Playstation, Nintendo or the computer. And today was one of those days (until about 2:30pm when I realised I had better go to the shops and buy some food so we could make something for dinner). But my youngest daughter does the comfort thing the best - it's all about comfort, plus a little bit of kiddie style. So Keana mixed her pink leggings, fairy outfit, dressing gown, and slippers, for the perfect outfit for a 5 year old to wear while playing Playstation. She cracks me up!!!
And since her younger sister refused point blank to hand over the controls for the Playstation, poor little Malayla had to find other ways to amuse herself. So she cornered Pandora (that would be my long sufferring cat with the "SAVE ME!!!" look on her face), found her Nintendo, and plonked herself on the lounge with a nice big warm blanket. So I had two happy girls, and one not-so-happy cat. (-:
Did I mention what happened when we went to the shops? Keana saw a magazine cover with a heavily pregnant Nicole Richie on the cover. And what does my daughter pipe up with? "Mum, she can't walk properly. Why can't you walk properly when you are pregnant, mum?" Seriously, where does this 5 year old come up with these questions? Fortunately, she got sick of waiting for me to stop laughing so I didn't have to explain (yet - she has a long memory).Oh, if only she knew...

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