Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Peace and quiet...

I actually managed to complete a Scrap With V monthly sketch challenge.This is the July challenge and you can find all the details in the forum. I haven't done one of these in a long time. (-:

I've started training back at the gym. I am SO SORE!!! Things went off course about 4 months ago - just a lot of stress and family crap. So I've changed gyms, got myself a new trainer (who is very wonderful eye candy and makes training much more pleasurable), and jumped back into my routine. So 5 days a week, every morning, that is where you can find me. My daughters love the new gym because it has a wonderful kids creche with it. They keep asking me when they can go again. (-:

And I finally have some peace and quiet in the house again. School started back today. My two darlings were so tired this morning because they spent 6 hours running around at Chipmunks playcentre on Sunday, and 2 1/2 hours running around and playing on the jungle gym yesterday. And they still have to get through dance lessons this afternoon before they get to crash and burn. Should be a quiet night too!!! (-:


  1. :0 Hmmmmm...............
    Im a wolf girl myself... but yes!! Loving that piece of action!!!
    Also, I found a fanwritten 5th twilight book!! OMG! Its so awesome!! I loved this book and honestly might be a better read than the 4th book!! I love the direction she took the story and she added some awesome charactors! And the ending!! Honestly i couldnt put it down after copying and pasting all 32 chapters and printing them out!!! I will email a link.
    Good luck at the new gym!!


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