Saturday, 25 July 2009

Recovery time...

I've found some more layouts that I have forgotten to put up on my blog (and I know there are still a stack more of them - I will get around to them one day) (-: Here's three that I've done recently for Blossie's. The first is titled " My Girls" and is one of my favourite photos from my wedding day (back in 2000). Sounds like such a long time ago. I guess it means I've been married nine years, come this September. And to think, I've been scrapping for nearly 3 1/2 years of those 9 years. Sounds good when I say it that way. (-:
The second is titled "Beautiful". The photos are from Malayla's end of school play, last year.
The third is titled "Attitude @ 5". This is my youngest Keana showing her displeasure at her Grandmother, who wouldn't let her get her own way. too funny!!!
This layout is based on a Pencil Lines sketch that I did a couple of months ago. I really enjoyed just playing with the black and white elements. I think I should do that more often. actually, I have another similar layout coming up soon for the next round of Blossie's layouts. I'll post it on the 1st August, so stay tuned for that one.
And here'a another Pencil Lines sketch based layout. I just LOVE these photos os Malayla. They are probably my favourite photo's to date. Although she has changed and grown a lot since these were taken (November 2008).

Anyway, it's time for sleep. I have just spent that last 48 hours madly trying to get my application for the Bo-Bunny design team finished and submitted. I didn't find out about it until Thursday (23rd) and it was due today, Saturday 25th. So my house and children have been neglected for two days. I thought about taking a photo of my house to show you the state it is in, but decided it was just TOO embarassing. From what I can tell, my daughters have spilt lemonade and soup in the dining area, so now I have a very sticky floor that needs washing, and I have 3 or 4 loads of washing waiting to be sorted and folded, and my cat is totally ignoring me because I haven't stopped to pat him in the last two days. So please, bring on tomorrow so I can get my house back in order. (-:

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