Friday, 12 March 2010

Who's A Bad Kitty??? And Other Funny Stories...

It has taken several years of training for my girls to understand they are not allowed to touch anything on mummy's scrapping table. Nor are they allowed to help themselves to my supplies - they have to ask first. (They do have their own stash of supplies which they can use any time though). So imagine my complete horror (and subsequent reaction) when I came out to my scrapping room the other morning, to find the current layout I had been working on, scattered all over the floor. Bits and pieces everywhere. I was NOT HAPPY!!! I looked at my daughters (and my husband) and they all denied having anything to do with the disaster. So who was the culprit? The layout didn't just dump itself on the floor, did it!!! But the answer came to me as I picked up all the pieces from the floor - paw prints on the cardstock, and fur attached to the rhinestones. It couldn't be, could it? Yes, it could. Pandora (our youngest cat) had obviously been bored during the night and jumped up on my table to explore. Now what exciting things a cat can find in scrapping supplies is beyond me, but she definitely had a field day with my stuff. And I thought training the kids was a challenge. This should be interesting - cat versus scrapper. I'll let you know who wins. (-:

Yesterday, DH decided to wear a funny shirt to pick up the girls from school. It says "JUNK MALE" on the front, and is bright red. So you can't exactly miss it. I warned him it wasn't a good idea to wear that shirt to the school where all the other mothers would see it. But he wouldn't listen, and oh, didn't he pay the price (ha! ha! ha!). One comment by a passing mother included, "I've dated one of those!!!". And several wry smiles and snickers later, and he's ringing me to say that they are laughing at him. Didn't I warn him? My response - "suck it up!!!"

Then this morning, DH decided to clean out some of his drawers. Now this was an opportunity I couldn't miss. Free entertainment for me (snicker!) You see, my husband keeps EVERYTHING in his drawers, and they are a mess (think teenager!). There is no order. It is pure chaos (which drives me crazy). My solution - I no longer fold any of his clothes - I simply open them up and shove the clothes in where ever I can find room. I then close the drawer and try not to think about it. But I digress - he was cleaning out his drawers, so I sat on the bed to watch. (-: He found the following - packets of cookies, muesli bars, glitter on all his socks (from the girls art work), shampoo, conditioner, and something that he didn't know what it was (grey electronic thing with a cord). The conversation went like this:

Me: "Honey, what is this?"
DH: "I don't know."
Me: "What do you mean you don't know? What does it do?"
DH: "I don't know".
Me: "So why do you have it in your drawer?"
DH: "I don't know, but I am keeping it anyway".

Yep, you see - free entertainment for me!!! (-: Worth every minute of the torture that I put him through (hee! hee! hee!). Enough sharing - I'm off to do some scrapping. Have a great weekend!!! (-:


  1. Haha great entertainment on your blog today Jules!!! I totally LOVE your hubby, he sounds so mischievous and fun!!! Love the red shirt idea!!! Naughty Pandora!!

  2. BUT did you get a photo of the cat carnage??

  3. These were some funny stories. My husband doesn't throw out anything either. Must be a man thing.


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