Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Advertisement for Aussie Company... recently contacted me and asked if I would consider advertising their company on my blog, and in exchange for this promotion, I could choose a free gift from their stock. I took a while to think this over, and did a little research, before making a decision. I decided on yes. Why, I hear you ask? For several reasons. Firstly, I believe what goes around comes around. Secondly, my husband and I owned our own business for five years, so I am open to helping other Australian companies in the business world. And thirdly, I was curious about some of their products. You can view all their products here, at bunk beds. So I am going to be very clear upfront about this - yes, I have received a gift in exchange for this promotion. There is no hidden agenda. So do you want to know what my gift was? It is a Wusthof Ceramic Pull-through Knife Sharpener - and I chose that because I desperately needed one!!! All my favourite knives are blunt...(-: I suppose once they are all sharpened, I no longer have an excuse not to cook. Sigh! Didn't think of that, did I???

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