Saturday, 6 March 2010

Fairies and Sleepovers...

Today we went to Grace's 6th Fairy Birthday Party. If you are wondering who Grace is, she is Keana's best friend. Grace is this little blonde beauty (who looks so much like her mummy) in the picture beside Keana. Don't they look gorgeous together? Just like chalk and cheese!!! But we did have a very bumpy start to the party. Keana WAS NOT HAPPY about having to share Grace with her other friends. Yes, there were tears. )-: But eventually, I convinced Keana that Grace was still her friend, and was not going to be taken away by the other girls at the party. (-:

Fairy whispers and fairy secrets...

Making magic fairy wands with crayons, stickers, feathers, ribbons, and glitter.

Blowing bubbles.

Lots and lots of bubbles, from lots and lots of fairies. (-:
After a short recovery from the party, we went to Deanne and Ricards place for dinner. Their daughter Veronica is Keana's other best friend (she has two best friends). And yes, Veronica was at Grace's party too. So Keana has had the best day today, playing with her friends all day long. And night. And now having a sleep over at Veronica's for the first time. With her big sister Malayla who refused to be left out of the sleepover deal. I have to go back about 8am in the morning to make sure Deanne and Ricard have survived. (-: Three little girls in one bedroom. Ha! Ha! Ha! I hope Deanne is a night owl because I am betting that there will be 3 little voices chattering away for hours to come. Maybe I should take coffee with me tomorrow morning? With croissants and danishes??? Yes, they might forgive me if I bring a peace offering. I'll go via the bakery in the morning. (-:

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