Sunday, 29 November 2009

Clowning around...and blog candy...

Today we went to a kiddies birthday party, and the entertainment was this pair of clowns. Peebo and Dagwood by name, and OMG!!!! They were BRILLIANT!!! seriously, I couldn't stop laughing.
And the kids absolutely loved them. But boy, was it noisy when the kids starting cheering and screaming and clapping. Ear plugs really would have been a good option. (-: Keana was absolutely fascinated by them, and watched them closely, enthralled by what they were doing.

Malayla was all for it, getting in on the action. They even chose her from the crowd to help with one of the magic acts. It made her day.

This is the, "Mummy, I don't want to do pretty photos, I want to do silly photos" look. Thank goodness for digital cameras. Several silly photos later, I finally got the pretty poses I was after, so we all left happy.
Don't forget about my blog candy competition. Go here for details on how to win.

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