Friday, 13 November 2009

A Tiger In The Bed...

My youngest has the best sense of humour. She makes me smile and laugh so much, and she is definitely the family clown. I asked her (and her sister) to make their beds this morning (most mornings they actually remember without me having to ask). But not today. So both girls did as I asked, then I dropped them at school, and returned home. And this is what I found. A tiger in the youngest daughter's bed. In typical Keana fashion, she made her bed, then added her own twist to it. Seriously, how darn cute is this??? (-: Gotta love her for it!!!!

Here's the last layout I have to complete for the Scrap With V Crop. I only have one card left to make. This layout is titled "Calm Before The Storm" and is about Keana's greates tantrum EVER!!!! This layout was created for Challenge 2 - Imperfect Beahviour, set by my wonderful friend, Jodi Dolbel.


  1. Your daughter is way too cute!!! My daughter used to be cute!!!!! But i would have the cat tucked up in bed!!!! lol But thats adorable!!
    And another wonderful layout!!

  2. Jules, your layouts are all truly treasures!!! You are a great talent!!!


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