Thursday, 26 November 2009

Christmas fairies...and visitors...

Meet Fudge, one of the class mascots, who has been chosen to spend a night at our house (lucky me!!!). The deal is, I have to photograph Fudge doing all our family activities, then stick the photos in a scrap book, and return said book and fur-ball back to the school tomorrow. Nothing like a bit of pressure when I've already got way too much on my plate! Aaargghhh!!!!!

Here's my youngest dressed up for her Prep class Nativity performance. They held the play at the school this evening. We have just returned, and I must say, it was oh, so cute! The Preppies were just adorable.

While most of the class got to dress up in proper costumes organised by the school, Keana was a narrator, and was told to simply wear something red and green. Well I didn't think it was fair that the rest of the class got to dress up, while my daughter didn't. So I went and purchased a red and green fairy costume for her. Now, isn't she just the cutest Narrator,ever? Did I mention that she loved the microphone and really didn't want to part with it. Nope, she wasn't going to share it with the others, or let it out of her hands. (-: My daughter definitely isn't stage shy.

Here are my two sweet girls, all dressed up, and looking gorgeous. Malayla wore her new Christmas outfit. It has butterflies all over the skirt.

Here's Keana and Grace, one of Keana's closest friends. She has three best buddies- Grace, Veronica and Jessica (who's father Justin is my personal trainer). Talk about chalk and cheese with these two...(-: But they love each other dearly.

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