Sunday, 1 November 2009

We went here...

yesterday, for a 7th birthday party. This is Suttons Beach at Redcliffe. It was for one of Malayla's classmates - Mitchell. There were about 15 children, and the water was beautiful.

Here's the other end of the beach - it was great because it was rather quiet and definitely not crowded.

Here's Missy Moo enjoying her lolly stash.

And here's Fuzzy with her popcorn - she ended up eating four cups of this popcorn. I couldn't keep her wawy from the stuff. (-: Lucky I was taking a break from being the strict mommy who doesn't let her daughters eat a whole pile of junk and lollies - but only because it was Halloween!!!
After swimming and food (or a sugar fix as I would call it), there was time for a play in the park. It was great to see all the kids playing so well together and having a wondeful time. When it was all over, we went home and started preparing for the Halloween party we were attending later that evening. (See photos below). More sugar and lollies....aarrghhh!!!!!!!!

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