Thursday, 19 November 2009

New Moon review...

So I promised not to reveal any of the storyline for the new Twilight movie, New Moon. And I will keep that promise. What I can say is this - Jacob Black!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! Seriously, Taylor Lautner is gorgeous, and has a huge future before him. He plays the role of Jacob brilliantly. And you know all these photos we've seen with his biceps and abs showing? Well, that's nothing. They don't do him justice at all. He is 100 times better looking in the movie. Honestly, I think he steals the show...(-: Vampires? What vampires??? I know what I'll be dreaming of tonight, and tomorrow night...and the one after...

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  1. I was always a ware wolf fan i will have you know!!! lol


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