Thursday, 12 November 2009

Bad things...

happen in three's, or so they say. If this is true, then I still have one more bad thing to endure. Oh joy! Oh yippee!!! (*sarcasm intended!!!*). Bet you didn't think things could get any worse after kicking my toe on the bed post, did you? Well, guess again!!! I went to my personal training session this morning and informed Justin about my toe. So we agreed - no kicking, jumping or running. I was fine with that - after all, how much worse could things get (bwah! ha! ha! *Lots of hysterical laughter*). I FELL OFF THE LEG PRESS. Yep, you heard me right. I literally fell off it, in the middle of the gym, in a room full of people. How pissed was I? I mean, I have been using this piece of equipment for two years - it's not like I'm new at it. But I have very, very long legs, and today they got in the way. So now, I have an almighty graze and bruise up the back of my left leg, to go with the sore toe on my left foot. OK - at this point you can stop laughing!!! No, really, it's not that funny!! On the bright side - my toe isn't broken. Just extremely swollen and bruised. (*sigh!*). I'm dreading finding out what the third thing is...(-:

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