Friday, 6 November 2009

Guess where I went today?

I went on a school excursion to Trevena Glen farm, out near Mt Samson. All the children got to ride a horse (but not me, I missed out - NOT FAIR!!!)

They all got to feed the baby lambs. It was so funny, because there were 10 or so lambs in a pen, and when they let them out for feeding, they charged the children, who screamed and scattered. I nearly wet myself laughing...watching that, was worth the sore feet that I now have, from walking around all day. (-:

Yes, that is a chicken sitting on a hat. They had them so well trained...the chicken that is, not the children. (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

Yep, they even got to milk a cow. And taste "real" milk. They needed two children to volunteer to find out what milk, straight from the cow, is like (I nominated my daughter for this). They did this by squeezing milk directly into their mouths. They got the biggest shock to find out that the milk is actually warm, not cold. The look upon their faces was just priceless...

And each child got to ride a bull (meet Brutus!!) He is a big, gentle giant, and behaved perfectly around the children. They also went on a tractor and wagon ride, and got to hold some chickens. We also saw ducklings, pigs, sheep, horses, a drake, and cows. Now, it is time for me to put my feet up, because they are seriously killing me...

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