Sunday, 27 September 2009

Too tired...

We've been at White Water World (on the Gold Coast) all day, so I haven't had any time to do any scrapping, and I think I am too tired now. So no layouts to share. But I do have some photos. Malayla decided to volunteer for the dunking game. You know the one - you sit over a big pool of water, and someone has to hit the release button by throwing a ball at the bullseye. And yes, the water was COLD! So here she is...
and now she is gone (and very wet)...

now to get out and get warm again. (-: She absolutely loved it, and actually had three or four goes. But her younger sister refused to be part of it - she wasn't that silly!!! (-: No way was she going to be dunked into cold water.

Instead, Keana wandered off and found Dora for a cuddle. How sweet is this? I keep forgetting, she is still my baby and a little girl, even if she is the size of an 8 or 9 year old. (She has only just turned 6).
The end of the day. This is her "I'm only a little girl and I am tired - have pity on me?" look. Isn't it just the best? My poor, exhausted baby. Oh well, she can recover at my grandfather's place over the next couple of days. Mum and the girls are staying with him for two nights - so I have an empty house and I think I need to go and make the most of it! (-:

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