Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Miracles can happen!

Holy crap!!! I have NEVER scrapped so fast in my life. I completed this layout in under two hours (ok, Jodi - you can pick yourself up off the floor now). (-: Anyone who knows me knows I am a slow scrapper. I like to take my time, to move things about the page before I stick them down, to think things through first. I didn't have the luxury of time with this layout. The deadline for the Guest Designer Competition with So Sketchy was Midnight 31st August, Canadian time, which I think is about 3:00pm here. And I didn't find out about the competition until after midday today. I sent the email through at 2:55pm, so I hope I got the time differences correct. If not, it doesn't matter, as this was a very good learning curve for me. I can scrap quickly if I really put my mind to it and focus. (-: But this doesn't mean I am going to do that all the time!!!But enough yabbering - here's the sketch and the layout I created from it, titled: Role Model? Yes, I know it's not my usual style, but what can I say? Nothing has been "ususal" about today! I didn't even plan on scrapping today (I am supposed to be doing paperwork, and that is where I am off to now...)


  1. Jules, one word...............AWESOME!!!! See you can do it!!! All faith in you!!! LOL And a huge congratulations on the guest position!!! And you found out so quickly!! Thats awesome! Great job!!!

  2. Love it Julianne! Congrats!

  3. Great LO!! I love Pinks positive attitude and certainty of self too. I saw her twice in Brissy - what a preformer!!


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