Sunday, 6 September 2009

Father's Day outing...

My grandfather come up from the coast for a visit today, so in honour of it being Father's Day, and his love of fish and chips, we went for a drive to Scarborough Beach Park. Mind you, we had a detour because my mother is stubborn and refuses to listen to me, the same thing she complains about her father (my grandfather) doing to her. It must run in the family? But I digress - mum suggested going to Morgans for fish and chips. I told her that it was a bad idea. Now, anyone who knows Morgans, knows that you NEVER go there on a big day like Fathers Day or Christmas because it is so crowded and busy, and you will be waiting hours to get served. But no, my mother wouldn't listen - so to Morgans we went. Well, when we got there and she saw that there was no parking and the queue was a mile long, she agreed that we should go somewhere else. She said, "I didn't think it was going to be that bad!" Aaarrghhhhh!!!!! I live here - what is it, she doesn't think I know what I am talking about? - I'm a local for crying out loud!!! So after biting my tongue (yes, I can do that when I absolutely must, it just not something I do often), we went to The Boat Shed for our fish and chips instead. So yummy, and quick service. Much better. Anyway, back to the photo. We found this little cutie down on the waterfront with his owners. His name is "Aussie" because he was born on Australia Day. Isn't he just gorgeous? No, we are not getting one for our next pet!!! Don't even think about asking!!! (-:
Here's my darling daughters and their great-grandfather (on mum's side of the family). I love this photo of them together, as we don't get to see him that often. Yes, he's the same one who is stubborn and will not listen to mum. What comes around, goes around...hee!hee!hee!
And I found this while wandering about in the park. It's a remote control tarantula. Don't you just LOVE it!!! Can you imagine the endless amount of fun you could have scaring young children with this? Just too tempting. (-: Apparently, they are from Toys R Us. Mmmm, might have to go for a drive this week...

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