Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sharing the planet with idiots...

Seriously, I do wonder about the idiocy of some people on this planet. This photo was taken at Easter time (I actually forgot that I had done so) while staying on the Gold Coast. Now this moron, and his buddies in the car, decided to stop the car in peak hour traffic, climb up on the roof, and drop his shorts. So, tell me, where are the police when you need them? And to think that these are actually grown men, not young teenagers. God help us!!! I am not a prude, so I don't actually have a problem with this fool dropping his shorts, but I do have a problem with him doing it in front of my two young daughters. I hope he catches a nasty disease and "it" falls off. Now, that would teach him a lesson!!!
Ok. I've finished ranting. On a brighter topic - I have finished my layouts for So Sketchy. I've done four in total. They will be posted on the So Sketchy blog site over the next couple of weeks. I will upload my layouts once Allison has posted them on her site first. And here's one more photo that I found from our park outing on Sunday. My little princess - I think this might now be one of my favourite photos of Malayla. She just looks so sweet (yes, I know I am biased, I just can't help it!). Tomorrow is Keana's 6th birthday, so I had better go and finish wrapping some presents...(-:

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