Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Honourable mentions...and getting closer!

I don't have any photos to share at this point in time. I've completed several layouts that I would LOVE to share with you, but they are for So Sketchy, and will not be posted until the 10th and 15th September (Canadian time). Let's just say I'm fairly certain that my style is slowly changing (yet again). But I'm still loving the Glimmermist and Memories Mist sprays. (-: And on another exciting note, I've had an honourable mention over at the One Little Word blog. It was for the "BEAUTY" challenge. So, I am very, very happy with that. It was above and beyond anything I was expecting, due to the talent that can be found on this blog. You should pop over and see some of the work on display - it is just amazing! Absolutely brilliant!!! And I will be disappearing again for four or five days, from this Saturday - I'm off to Adelaide for the Creative Edge classes. So excited about that!!!(-:

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  1. Cant wait to have a little look Jules im sure they will be stunning as always Take Care Janine


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