Thursday, 3 September 2009

She's just a little weird...

My crazy little baby! She's about to turn six in 8 days. She just gets funnier and funnier every year. Our family comedian- she makes us laugh, all the time. Thank goodness she's such an easy going little girl. The only time she gets upset is when the computer, PS2 and Nintendo games get the better of her. (-:
My emo girl. She's my emotional one. We watched a DVD yesterday called CJ7, and the end result was Malayla in tears. Why? Because the movie had a cute, fluffy alien dog from out of space, and now she wants one to. Only problem is, they don't exist. She's in the process of writing a letter to Santa to let him know that he has to find one for her. Hee! Hee! Hee! I can see Christmas is going to be a challenge this year. I wonder how good her memory is? Maybe I'll get lucky and she'll forget before then? (And pigs might fly backwards...)
Don't do handstands and cartwheels in the house! How many times have I said this, and she still ignores me. And Nanna's no help either!!! She lets her do them in the house...aaargghhhh!!! Parents! But I must admit, she's good at them. (-: Hence, the reason I had to photograph her doing the one thing she shouldn't be doing in the house.
Here's the cartwheel. She does these so beautifully. She is very quick at them, and has a beautiful spin on them. Great movement!
Here's the scene I get most afternoons. Nanna and Keana playing Nintendo. They're both addicted...(-: Way too funny!!! Nanna plays the games while the girls are at school. And here I was, worried about my daughters becoming addicted to the games. Yeah, right! Oh well, at least it keeps her out of my hair while she is here visiting.
I still have my computer for the time being too! But probably not for long - I have to start looking for a new one. Something newer and bigger and better. This old baby has just about had it. Damn! I guess that just means I will have to go shopping...(-:

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