Sunday, 10 July 2011

This Crazy Life...

Time is going to quick. I need it to stop. I can't believe my nephew Theo is nearly 6 months old already. Where did that time go? I haven't even had time to blink and it's already gone.
And my eldest baby has just turned 9. Malayla had her birthday on the 4th July, but I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to blog about it yet. She wanted a real digital camera for her birthday. I was so happy, and excited when she asked for that gift. It made me proud. (-:
Here is my little miss at her birthday party. She had a "Papparazzi Disco Party" at a local beauty parlour (Petite Princess Parlour, to be exact). They had a "pretend" security guard, personalised lanyards, and a danced for 2 hours (with a disco light, smoke machine, and flashing lights). Malayla and her girlfriends had SO MUCH FUN!!! Oh, and they got their nails painted too, lol!
This is one of the reasons I fell in love with Adelaide, and want to move there. You can actually have rabbits as pets. And ferrets too (but not at the same time as they are natural enemies). I found this black and white pair at the Adelaide Zoo. They were so soft and cuddly. Sigh...I want my girls to be able to experience this. Adelaide, here we come!!!

I've nearly finished unpacking all the boxes for my store. It has taken forever because one, I have had the flu and can't seem to shake it off, and two, it is school holidays. Hopefully, my life will return to some form of normality by the end of next week. But maybe life was never normal to begin with, lol!

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  1. Hey Jules!
    Ah, thanks for sharing this with us!
    My youngest turned 2 a month ago and yesterday I went through photos...made Mommy cry! Its hard to see how time goes by so quickly!

    Hope your daughter had a wonderful day!!!!!



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