Friday, 29 July 2011

All Worthwhile...

Sometimes you wonder whether the whole blogging thing is worth it. After all, who really reads my blog? But then, I receive emails like the one below, and I realise, it's all worthwhile. Every single word.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Gone...":

I am Cheryl's niece and after Cheryl passed away, our family was told of this blog. Reading these comments in the week following her death was so lovely. I still have this saved in my favourites and come on to read all the wonderful comments about her.
It's been a great pick me up for when we are feeling down and missing her.
She was the most amazing person and I just wanted to say thankyou on behalf of my family for all the wonderful comments we get to read and remember her for. x

This email nearly had me in tears. To know that I have helped Cheryl's family deal with their loss, and touched their lives, makes me happy. Why? Because I know this little effort on my part, has made the world a slightly better place for someone else. I am so glad I was able to help...even if it is only a blog post. (-:

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  1. Never doubt that your blogs are worthwhile. I look for them every couple of days or so and to me it's like we are sitting in the sun having a cup of coffee and catching up. I always enjoyed the times we spent together at Vanessa's retreats so for me it's like we are back there having a natter.

    Of course your beautiful work is always a delight to behold and I love the inspiration you so generously give. So Julieanne - you keep doing what you are doing. I would really miss you if you stopped blogging.

    Debbie Eustace


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