Thursday, 21 July 2011

She's A Lunatic!!!

My cat Jellybean is an absolute lunatic. No, really!!!! I was packing the girls lunch boxes yesterday, and I turned around to find Jellybean on the bench, checking out everything that I had placed into the lunch boxes. So I semi-closed the lunch box lids, put her on the floor and got rid of her (or so I thought), and went back to preparing lunches. The next thing I know, my girls are absolutely roaring with laughter. What the???? I turn around to find Jellybean, with her head stuck in the lunch box, pulling all the snack bags out. Yes, seriously!!!!! She was unpacking for me! Carrots, apples, cheese and crackers - everything was fair game. But strangely enough, it was the carrots she was most attracted to. She really wasn't happy when I took that bag away from her. I had a cat (Banjo) about 4 years ago, that absolutely loved the scent of carrots and would rub all over them. I think Jellybean must have the same attraction. Does anyone else have cats that are attracted to weird things? I'm guessing carrots are the equivalent of catnip for my darling furry not NORMAL!!!!!


  1. LOL I have never known a cat to love carrots. Mine just come running when there is a bowl of some sorts as they like ice cream. I blame my parents for that habit. Otherwise just the usual meaty smells.

  2. I used to have a cat that was weirdly attracted to raw geen peppers.. she would roll around in them and throw them with her paws, and just act really strange, if we were preparing dinner and chopping green pepper, we had to put her outside if we didnt want her lovely kitty hairs in the food!


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