Friday, 22 July 2011

A Funny Thing Happened...

Like most parents, mornings are hectic around here. My youngest (Keana) isn't a problem - she can feed herself and get ready in no time flat! But my eldest (Malayla), that's a whole different story. She's a perfectionist (wonder where she got THAT from?), gets distracted easily, and hates to rush anything. Drives me crazy!!! Which left us with a dilemma this morning - we had no time left to test her spelling (they have their spelling tests at school on Fridays). What to do? I had the perfect solution. Keana tested her older sister for her spelling on the drive to school. Do you want to know how she commenced this activity? She told her older sister to "GET YOUR MOUTH READY!". Seriously, ROFL!!!! I nearly cracked up totally while trying to drive. Yeah, my youngest is also a comedian!!!!! (-:

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  1. SNORT!!!! LOLOL
    that is funny!


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