Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What We Did...

With hubby being away for Mother's Day, we decided to have a quiet day at home. It started with Malayla harrassing the cat for photos. I must admit, although blurry, I love this close-up of Jellybean. But I'm not sure if she feels the same way, lol!!!!

Isn't she just adorable and huggable. She gets lots, and lots, and lots of love, from the girls and me. So no-one feels left out, she takes turns sleeping on our beds. (-:

We made chocolate muffins with extra choc bits in them. So yummy and delicious, and indulgent. But it was Mother's Day, so we were allowed...(-:

Malayla didn't even wait for them to go into the oven before she was eating the left-over batter, lol! She was busted with it all over her mouth, the cheeky thing.

And because it was Mother's Day and I didn't want to cook, I took the girls out to Sizzler's for dinner. Don't you just love the look of sisterly love in this photo? I so can't wait to scrap this one, lol!!!!!

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  1. Oh how cute is Jellybean and the last photo of the girls, Sizzler sounds like a wonderful night, Melx


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