Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Funny Girls...

Yes, these really are my girls...sigh...I have no-one to blame but myself, because they get their sense of humour from me. I took these photos over the weekend as they went with a friend, to a Pyjama Disco at a local ballet school.
At times I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or join them.
On another note, unfortunately I did not recruit enough "LIKES" and have missed out on being able to give away a Helmar prize pack. )-: Jessica Diedrich came in first with 55 new fan "LIKES", Jimmi Maya came in second with 45, and I came in third with 31. Congratulations to Jessica and Jimmi!!! Thank-you to all the ladies and gentlemen who took the time to pop over and click on LIKE. I am truly sorry that I am unable to offer a prize pack. But Tracy has informed us, that as part of the Helmar team, we will be having more DT competitions in the future. So hopefully, next time I can do a little better and score one of those prize packs to give away. Many thanks to all. I truly appreciate your help and support. (-: I'll go with that saying "better luck next time!!!".

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  1. Oh, the childhood is the best time of life!)))
    Great photos) So pretty young girls)))
    I wish i could to become a child back!)))


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