Friday, 20 May 2011

Am I Gritty Enough???

Susannah Conway has raised an interesting topic on her blog. That people don't tell the full story, we only present the good side of us. That our blogs are not gritty enough, and non-relatable. So my dear reader, I ask you...what would you like to read and see on my blog? Do you want to hear my opinions about the number of men in positions of power, who just can't seem to keep it in their pants? Bloody fools and idiots!!! Do you want to hear my opinion about the South Australian member of Parliament who was arrested for possessing child pornography on his computer? Why the "%&$#!!!" is he still a member of Parliament? Do you want to hear my opinion about the man who raped his six year old sister (over a number of years, and on numerous occasions) and didn't even get a jail sentence. He has destroyed his sister, her faith in herself, her strength and her trust. He has turned her world upside down and scarred her for life. She will never, ever, ever recover. It will haunt her forever. How do I know? Because I've been there, I speak from experience. Do you want me to talk about the fact that we are made to feel guilty about not helping those less fortunate overseas, when our own live in filth, squalor, and starve. Do you want to hear my opinion about children, from the age of 4 upwards, who torture, kill and maim animals for fun. These animals are someone's pet, their friend, their companion, and something that they love dearly. But these monsters don't care. The torture and kill for the amusement of it. Do you want me to speak of my emotions and thoughts on hearing that someone left a dead four year old on the side of the road, in a town, in the USA. Dumped on the side of the road!!!! Are these people for real? How can you call someone like that human? What the &%#& goes through their brains? I'm guessing they really don't have any. Nor do they have a heart. I'm sure all this would make much more interesting food for thought, and I am happy to go there if my reader's would like to hear it. So, let me know what you think! Do we get down and get a little more gritty? I suppose for those that don't like it they can just go read another happy blog, lol! (-:

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