Thursday, 5 May 2011

It's The Little Things That Count...

With so many horrible acts of nature occuring all around the world, I kind of feel like I am useless, and unable to do anything to help. I have friends who were affected by the recent floods in Brisgbane, I have friends who were affected by the earthquakes in Japan, and I have friends who have been affected by the tornados in the south of the USA. Everyone I know has been affected. But due to the distance (and costs involved in getting there), I am unable to physically help those in the USA. But I can do the next best thing. I can list those sites and friends who are organising help for the southern communites. Please, please, please click on a link and show your support. For those of you too far away to help, Gretchen McElveen is selling beautiful hand made cards here. Her funds will go to buying more supplies for those directly affected by the tornados. Virginia Tillery is organising supplies through the Camellia Project (sisters helping other sisters in need). Virginia is also raising funds with her very own Tornado Relief Fundraiser on her blog. There are some beautiful scrapbooking kits, necklaces, canvases, and frames up for grabs. Here is another lady organising supplies for the children affected by the Alabama tornados. And Elisha Pharr was kind enough to supply me with a Facebook link for Hackleburg (it shows what is needed, what is being done, and how you can help). So no, I am not totally helpless. I can help in this small way. Can you help? (-:

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