Friday, 27 May 2011

Back On Track...Kind Of...

Our family life is kind of back on track. Here's a run-down. Keana is feeling much, much better. She even went to school today. No, we still don't really know what the problem was. My mojo is back. I managed to scrap my first layout is about 4-5 days today. Yes, it's definitely back, and I am very, very relieved. Jellybean has a head-ache. She didn't see me close the glass sliding door, and she ran into it. She bounced off and gave me a very peeved off look (I totally cracked up laughing!!!). I'm thinking about doing some gardening stuff with my girls tomorrow. The scary thing is, I am SO NOT A GARDENER!!!! But a herb garden might be a good idea. We have a party to go to tomorrow afternoon, and we haven't even bought a gift yet. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute. Sunday it's supposed to rain again, so I think we might go to the movies and see Pirates Of The Carribean. My Helmar box of goodies is supposed to turn up some time next week. The waiting is driving me crazy, lol! I just ran out of Liquid Scrap Dots, so I am kind of desperate. And to finish it all off, my husband is going through a mid-life crisis, and has dyed his hair black...

Here is Tony with grey hair.

Here is Tony with black hair (sorry for the bad photo - it was from a computer screen shot). So what do you think? Does he look 25 again? Does that make me a cougar? ROFL!!!!


  1. Whoo hoo! Go you good thing!

  2. hi Jules.. pleased your mojo was only resting LOL .. great to hear Keana is on the road to recovery .. cheers X:)


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