Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Worse Than Children!!!

Stupid cat! It's worse than having children - seriously! At least my girls know better than to touch ANYTHING on my scrapping desk. They know they can look but DON'T TOUCH! But no, not my cat. Apparently this rule doesn't apply to her!!! I had my layout all laid out perfectly, last night, ready to be glued down this morning. But guess what? I woke up this morning and pieces of my layout are MISSING....aarrgghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Ok Jules - just breath. Pandora (our crazy psychotic Maine Coone) decided to steal three of my rhinestone alphas and my large pink rhinestone bracket. I've since found one of the alphas - the other two are nowhere to be found. And the bracket - thank-goodness as it was my last one. She has a whole house to play in. So why does she have to choose my scrapping desk as her play area??? WHY!!!!! What fun can scrapping supplies be to a cat? Seriously? A mouse, or string, I can understand. But rhinestones? Really? I DON'T THINK SO!!! She is in SO MUCH TROUBLE...

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