Sunday, 6 February 2011

Happy Birthday To You!!!

Today was my grandfather's 85th birthday. So we all headed to the coast today, armed with cupcakes and presents. Here he is with 4 of his 5 grandchildren.

We had a nice family time together, and it has been a long, long time since we have all been able to do that (it's a long story!!). But today, we all had fun together. I got this photo of my two younger brothers. I seriously cannot remember the last time I got a photo of them together. Maybe at a family wedding???

And I got to see my darling nephew Theo again. He's two weeks old now. (-: And I am going to visit him again next weekend. Yay! More sweet photos.

My mum is finally heading home tomorrow. It's been two weeks since she fractured her hip and she is just starting to get around again. So she has opted to go home. It's been nice having company, but at the same time I've missed having the house to myself. Because my hubby works in the mines, I spend a lot of time at home by myself. And I don't mind it. I like the peace and quiet when I am working, and my two girls chatter constantly when they are home, so I get enough noise from them. But I have actually had someone at home with me (either the girls on school holidays, Tony on 3 weeks annual leave, or my mother on 3 weeks of holidays and recovery) for the whole past nine weeks. So I am ready to reclaim my home to myself. Aaahhhh...peace and quiet.

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