Monday, 28 February 2011

Another One???

We've added another fur baby to our collection. I didn't go looking for her, she was actually given to me. She desperately needed a home, and me being the softie that I am, I agreed to take her in. She is half tabby and half Rag Doll, so she has a lovely soft, loving temperament. Perfect for my girls.
But she is still nameless. So far we have though of Tinsel and Cleopatra. My other two are named Pandora and Othello. So I have to have a name that fits. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. (-:
UPDATE: We've found a name. Now, it's doesn't fit with my other two, but #$%* happens!!! We have decided to name her Jellybean. Why? I hear you ask. Because she's small, sweet, and jumps around like a jumping bean. So, Jellybean it is. (-:


  1. hi Jules .. Ken just loves your kitten .. his name suggestion is 'Gwynethe'.. I like 'Isadora' ... X:)

  2. Cleopatra for sure..........

  3. How about Artemis? In Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of the wilderness, the hunt, and wild animals.


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