Wednesday, 27 January 2010

We Made It!!!

Yay! We made it through seven weeks of holidays without losing the plot totally!!! I survived!!!! (-: Here's my little darlings on their first day back at school (they were up and dressed by 5:50am this morning). I told them they were crazy and went back to bed for 40 minutes (as I HATE getting up before 6:30am at the very earliest). Just ask my hubby! (-: The girls are both happy to be back at school, and love their new teachers for this year.

Here are a couple of photos from Australia Day (yesterday). We went to the local pool for some swimming and splashing. The girls had an absolute blast. There were games and competitions to paly too. They won yo-yo's and beach balls.

The two of them spent nearly 1.5 hours on the water slide/jumping float "thingy". And didn't they sleep well last night because of it. (Hee! Hee! Hee!). It's not like I encouraged them (much) to go on it as many times as possible before it was time to leave (no, I would never do that!!!) (-:
Yep, they made the most of it. My little water babies!!!
Sorry I don't have any layouts to share. I've been so busy trying to get everything ready for school, plus I had my Personal Training session this morning (I am really tired and keep yawning), and I had to take Malayla to an audition this afternoon for a tv commercial by the Department of Education. It looks promising - they asked her if she would like to come back and do it for real in front of a camera and other people - so I am thinking that she may have a spot. It's Keana's turn at the audition tomorrow, about lunchtime. I will let you know how they go as soon as anything is confirmed. And hopefully I can find some time to scrap tomorrow.

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