Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Making Progess While Getting Butt Kicked!!!

We are making progress on the whole moving issue. I have found the most wonderful school (big thank-you to Emily Falconbridge for pointing me in the right direction). It called St Brigid's (http://www.stbrigids.wa.edu.au/index.asp), and it is just amazing. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that they are accepted for next years enrolment. I have gotten quotes for moving, and it's a lot less than I thought - so that it good. It's about half the price of what I was expecting. I am actually getting really, really excited. This is a good thing. Because I am a Scorpio, once I make my mind up about something, that's it. I rarely change it. So Perth, here we come. (-:

But I am getting my butt kicked over at Lotus Paperie. If you could spare 30 seconds (or less) to vote for your favourite layout, it would be greatly appreciated. I really, really need some scrapping support on this one. (-: And voting ends on the 31st January. 5 Days to go.

Happy Australia Day to all our Aussies out there. We are off to the local pool for an afternoon of fun, swimming, and slides. Yippee!!! Great photo opportunities just begging to be taken. And back to school tomorrow...bliss, and peace, and quiet...ahem...not that I want to get rid of my angels and have my house to myself during the day, or anything. No, I wouldn't dream of wishing that! (-: Not after spending a morning listening to Keana scream and squeal as her "vampire" sister chased her around the house. Yes, I know my daughters aren't normal. Mine play "vampires" while other little girls play with Barbies. Told you they took after me!!! (Ha! Ha! Ha!)


  1. Emelias School St Marys College is run by the Sisters of Mercy also, and honestly, its the best thing we could have done for Emelia. Such caring staff and give your kids that extra love and support despite the issues the kids might have!! They are great school!

  2. Jules,

    Your daughter Keana's name came up on my Google search....I too have a daughter named Keana who's 15 :)

    I found it amusing that your Keana is a vampire---mine is too!

    She is actually going to be in a movie called "Soulstice" to play the lead vampire, Luna Tremaine. The movie will be released here in the USA in 2011.

    Checkout her website: www.keanaofficial.com & the movie site www.whosluna.com.

    Follow on twitter:

    Tell your Keana that its okay to be a vampire xoxo


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