Friday, 22 January 2010

I want to go back to school!!!

I've heard "I want to go back to school" from both of my girls in the last couple of days. I think my poor babies are either sick and tired of my company, or they are bored. Or they just miss their friends? Usually, my girls do 2 days a week at Vacation Care, to give them a break from me, and vice versa. But for the past 7 days they have opted to stay home with me. So I decided we had to get crafty. It was time to pull out the mosaic craft pack that Keana got for her birthday. And guess what? It was the best idea I've had ever!!! They loved it, and it kept them busy for hours. I've uploaded several photos to show you how "into" it they were. Don't you love Malayla's tongue sticking out. She does this when she is concentrating. It's just so cute.

Malayla chose a frog. Keana chose a butterfly. And there are still another 4 pictures for them to complete at a later date. Mmm...think I might have to go and look for some more to put away for emergencies. (-:

Keana's not quite as "into" the arts and crafts as Malayla, but she still enjoys it. Admittedly, she didn't finiah her picture like Malayla did. I might have to ask the big sister to give her little sister a helping hand!!!

I've had such a big day today. I am so tired. I spent three hours at the shopping centre doing a whole pile of running around. My feet hurt. I had to pick up laybyes (school stuff), get the rest of the school and lunch stuff, return stuff that was either the wrong size or a double-up, buy groceries, go to the post office, buy some new clothes, organise hair appointments, and the list goes on...then I got to come home and clean the house as we are having visitors over the weekend, and because the girls and I have been home so much, it was a disaster area. I still have to wipe down the bathroom sink and mirror, but then I'm done. Nice, clean, sparkling house - which will last less then 24 hours. We do this why?????
OK. Enough rambling. I'm off to finish the bathroom, then hopefully do some scrapping. I want to finish the Prima BAP layout that has been sitting on my desk since yesterday. Or was it the day before? I don't remember. How sad is that??? (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

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